This capabilities statement is focused on the key areas where Digital DNA can be of assistance in supporting the business requirements of our Clients

This capabilities statement is focused on the key areas where Digital DNA can be of assistance in supporting the business requirements of our Clients from an Information Technology and Communications (ITC) perspective.
There are two key aspects of our philosophy that are worth stating up front:

  • Our ‘raison d’etre’ is to ensure our clients apply technology prudently and in a manner where they can genuinely obtain tangible business benefits. Technology needs to be fit for the business’ purpose and be responsive to the needs of the business.
  • Our ongoing goal is to continually nurture a mutual relationship with our clients based on trust and confidence.

Digital DNA provides a broad range of ITC Services and Products. We are primarily Services and Consulting led and provide hardware and software products mainly in the context of a broader client focused solution. Our target market has traditionally been the Small to Medium Size Business (SMB), Not For Profit Organisations, Community/Social Services Organisations and the Education sector.

A Key step in engaging with our Clients is to understand their requirements, their business sensitivities and their priorities. We can then jointly go about defining and agreeing expectation levels with a view to formalising appropriate managed service delivery terms.

Our Areas of Expertise include:
Managed Services for Servers / Desktops / Laptops in mixed Windows, OS X, Linux environments

We are able to provide:

    • Cloud Computing Options. Platform As A Services (PaaS), Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS), Software As A Services (SaaS)
    • Cloud Backup Options
    • Windows Server 2008 Family. Planning, Design, Installation, Maintenance and Support
    • Linux Servers. Planning, Design, Installation, Maintenance and Support
    • Windows 7 based PCs and Laptops Installation, Maintenance and Support
    • Apple OS X PCs and Laptops Installation, Maintenance and Support
    • MsOffice Installation, Maintenance and Support
    • PDA / Smartphone integration & connectivity with Mail Systems
    • Systems Troubleshooting
    • “Desktop” Support
    • Local On-Site and Remote Administration of Servers and PCs/Laptops
    • Performance Analysis and System tuning
    • System patches and upgrades
    • Script & Macro Development
    • Out of Warranty Repairs.
    • After Business Hours Support
    • Moves, Adds, Changes (MACs) to Infrastructure
    • Server/PC/Laptop upgrades: RAM, Hard Disk, Optical Drives, Video Cards, Wireless LAN, TV Tuners, etc.

Managed Services for Networks (LAN / WAN)

    • Network Design, Installation, Maintenance and Support
    • Configuration of Modems, Routers, Switches and Wireless LAN
    • Multi-Location Design, Maintenance and Support
    • Software and firmware upgrades
    • Internet Service Provision
    • Analysis and selection of Hosting providers
    • Network Troubleshooting

Managed Services – Security
Security starts from inside an organisation. A healthy organisational culture with clear ITC guidelines and policies goes a long way to ensuring that potential security breaches are minimised. Depending on the nature of the business and its sensitivity to external and internal threats an appropriate security infrastructure can be designed, installed and maintained by Digital DNA. Security measures typically contain some or all aspects of the following, hardened to the extent required by the business:

    • Firewalls,
    • Packet filtering,
    • Content filtering,
    • Encryption,
    • VPN,
    • Intrusion detection,
    • Virus/Spam/Phish protection,
    • Access Control
    • Password protocol
    • Backup Regime. Off-site backup
    • IP Camera Surveillance

Disaster Recovery

If you are a Business Owner or you are directly accountable for the ongoing availability and integrity of Corporate Data; then you need to take into account a whole range of disaster scenarios:

    • What is the measureable cost to the business in the event of a total system and network wide outage?
    • Do you know the cost of lost business and productivity per hour, per day, per week?
    • What if just the network was down? What if the network was unavailable internally or was behaving erratically slow? What if your access to business partners, clients and suppliers was limited due to external network factors beyond your immediate control?
    • How reliant is the business on Mail? So, what happens of MS Exchange (or your Corporate Mail Server) was unavailable for a day, two days, a week? Almost unbearably painful to think about?!
    • Ah, but we do backups. Of course you do! Have you ever tested your backups? Maybe pick a random backup and see if it works? How did you go?
    • The Mail Server has just had a catastrophic hardware failure and your Tier 1 Hardware Vendor is flying in critical spares from Singapore and some from Sydney. What are you going to do in the mean time? And the cost of that ‘mean time’ is?
    • Do you actually have a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan that covers disaster scenarios and how best to mitigate those scenarios?
    • Do you regularly check the efficacy of your DR Plan? When was it last done and how successful was it? Did it help you measure the cost to the business for the various disaster scenarios?

A DR plan involves a lot of work, a lot of planning, stakeholder involvement and ownership at the highest levels in the Company. And then it requires very clear, very detailed documentation for each scenario. It requires investment in hardware, in software and in manpower. It requires possibly a whole different way of working whilst the disaster scenario is in play. It requires very clear and effective communication to all relevant stakeholders inside the Company, with your business partners, suppliers and clients at relevant and appropriate times.

There is no “silver bullet”. There are, fortunately many options. The first phase is one of discovery and capturing your business needs and identifying the pain points, the hard and the soft costs associated with different disaster scenarios. This does involve looking at your whole supply chain and looking at all the interactions you have with external stakeholders.

We would love to talk to you about DR and the various metrics used to establish the value your ITC assets over and above their raw capital or operating costs in a budget.

In the meantime, please do  invest a little time and WATCH this short presentation as to how we can help you get your business up and running quicker than you thought possible!

Data Recovery

From time to time critical data on a variety of media needs to be recovered to a usable or near usable state. These days critical data can exist on a range of media such as:

    • Hard Disk drives on Laptops or PCs,
    • USB drives,
    • Memory cards, or
    • Optical media.

Common issues we come across include;

    • faulty hard disk,
    • accidental deletion of files or emails,
    • formatted hard disk,
    • hard disk not detected by the computer,
    • Outlook file corruption, or
    • Memory card erasure.

Data recovery success is never guaranteed; however the likelihood of recovery is much higher when the data recovery process is initiated at the earliest possible time to when the fault or deletion occurred.

New system or major upgrade implementation/commissioning

    • Rollout / Deployment of Systems
    • Management of SOE Development
    • Vendor Management
    • Procurement Management
    • Sub-Contractor Management
    • Contract / Service Level Management
    • Asset audits

Web Presence Development:

    • Requirements Analysis
    • Requirement Specification
    • Web Development
    • Drupal, Joomla, Adobe Business Catalyst
    • Java
    • .Net
    • Apache, MySQL, PHP
    • Shopping Cart
    • Web 2.0


    • Selection and provision of business grade broadband services
    • Selection, and provision of VOIP services

Project Management

Digital DNA helps Clients to run their ITC projects. This can be in the role of Project Manager with full executive control of a project on behalf of a Client or in an advisory capacity to the Client’s own Project Manager. Areas of Project Management include:

    • New System or major upgrade implementation and commissioning
    • Rollout / Deployment of ITC Infrastructure
    • Vendor Management
    • Sub-Contractor Management
    • Asset Audits
    • Contract and Service Level Management.

Management Consulting

    • Review of ITC environment;
    • Practices
    • Security
    • Policies, Standards
    • Documentation
    • Effectiveness of systems In meeting the requirements of the business
    • ITC Strategic Planning. Alignment and Optimisation of Technology with the goals of the Business.
    • Business Case Development. Development of Business Plans.
    • Sales Management
    • Professional/Technical Services Management.
    • Customer Services Management.
    • ITC Sales Training, mentoring and advice
    • Qualification of opportunities
    • Large Accounts, Government Accounts – Pre Sales. Major proposals & presentations.
    • Sales/Business Development in either a Distributor environment or Major accounts.
    • Business reviews of a channel’s/distributor’s capabilities

Tender Management
Digital DNA assists in the development of tender packages for Clients who are seeking quotations or proposals from potential contractor organisations. In competitive tendering processes, Digital DNA assists in the development of assessment strategies and assessment criteria, as well as taking an active role in assessing the tenders.

    • Major bid preparation.
    • Tender specification
    • Tender responses
    • Proposal development
    • Proposal evaluation
    • Project Management:
    • Procurement

Digital DNA sources hardware and software from Tier 1 ITC Wholesalers.

As such we are able to provide Solutions from leading Manufacturers such as:

Acer Adobe Asus Acronis Apple APC AVG

Belkin Billion Brother BenQ

Canon Cisco Citrix

DLINK Draytek





Kyocera Konica-Minolta

Lenovo Linksys Logitech Lacie LG Lexmark

Maxtor Microsoft

Netcomm Netgear


Samsung Seagate Sony Symantec Sandisk StorageCraft

TrendMicro Toshiba Transcend

Western Digital



If it is not on this List – Just ASK.

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