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Authorised T-Suite Partner

This is the latest offering from Microsoft Online Services and is available via Telstra T-Suite. Digital DNA is an authorised Telstra T-Suite Partner and Microsoft Cloud Essentials Partner.

At last Microsoft has a product that competes with Google Apps and even surpasses it in many areas.

If you haven’t got a GMAIL account, rush over there now and one, or two, or half a dozen! It’s FREE. It offers a whopping ~6Gb+ of space. And you can access it via a browser, via POP3 or via IMAP.

Word Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations – all via a Browser. All Free. But best of all you can, for example, do a real time collaboration on a Spreadsheet, Say what? Yes, you invite others to collaborate on your Spreadsheet and you can all be updating at the same time. AWESOME! (OK – I own up, I do use Excel to create the base spreadsheet and then import it to Google Docs!). Each user in a shared Google Docs spreadsheet is identified by a legend and by a different colour border for the cell they are accessing.

Google Maps

OK – we are Google Fans here. We just hope they don’t turn out to b the “new” Microsoft! Heck, they simply do the best free web applications. If you have not checked out “Street View” then do it NOW!

We currently use and promote Shadow Protect from StorageCraft. Digital DNA are resellers for this superior backup solution.

It should be an essential component of your Disaster Recovery Plan whether you have a single Workstation or a Data Centre full of Servers. It is worth spending a few moments to go through this  Flash based tour of Shadow Protect .

Ever wanted granular recovery for your Exchange Server? Now you can have it! You can, for example, simply restore a single mail item from anywhere in your backup regime without having your IT Support team stressing out!

Stay tuned – Digital DNA are assessing a range of tiered Cloud Backup Solutions to cover everything from Small Business User’s needs, single PC, MACs, Linux Clients through to complex Virtual Machine Environments with Hypervisors hosting different Windows and Linux Server configurations



We use this site ourselves just to sanity check our own pricing.

It is one of the better sites to shop around for prices. It is well laid out, easy to use and comes up with some incredible pricing.

Somewhat  incredibly it is sometimes cheaper than what we can buy Wholesale from our Tier 1 wholesaler partners. We have checked out why this is. Sometimes the product that is very cheap is a parallel import with either none, little or very limited warranty. In terms of phone or technical support, you will often find that you will come up short. Several of these web only only shopping sites use the same ‘outsourced’ call centre.

Always buy from a Manufacturer approved source. I.e. We can point you in the direction of a very cheap Plasma/LCD TV, but don’t call us if it plays up. On the other hand we can sell you good value Plasma/LCD TVs covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty which, for example, could be on-site warranty. The old adage – caveat emptor (buyer beware) – holds true.

Other sites we use to validate pricing include



www.myshopping.com.au .       

We encourage our Partners and our Clients to support and buy from their local community where possible and where it makes good economic sense. We also rely on our Partners and Clients to provide us with pricing feedback. It helps keep us and our Supply Chain on our toes!


We prefer this site for great last minute deals for hotels. Having said that, we sense the market is getting spoilt a little as very often now you can get a cheaper rate by contacting the hotel direct after getting their cheapest wotif rate of course!


Lots of options here

We use all of these sites to get the best deals on Air tickets. Recently WotFlight seem to have access to some amazing deals. But all are excellent

Local Weather

Planning to go somewhere .. check out what the weather is doing.

Fuel Price

Find who has the cheapest fuel in your area. Best to sign up/register and you can get free daily alerts in your e-mail!

Road Trip Planner

Simply Amazing. Haven’t got a GPS yet for your Car? Then this RACQ tool gives you detailed instructions to go from anywhere in Australia to anywhere in Australia. Use the advanced trip planner to get street address to street address instructions; plus you can add in stops or additional addresses along the way.

There is also an iPhone App available!

ABC iView

Just Check it out! Missed a show on the ABC .. Now you can view it via your PC and Broadband at your leisure. The ABC is talking to other ISPs, however currently if you are with IINET then you are in luck – your viewing is unmetered. If you are overseas – mmm – sorry – it’s geo-blocked. What that means is they look at your IP address and if they detect it’s an overseas IP address then you can’t access iView. The BBC in the UK do the same thing which is a huuuge pity.

ITC Stuff

A few worthy sites here .. there are heaps of course.


We use a Linksys/Cisco Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) connected to our router and then we connect a real phone to the ATA.

But! We still use Skype when we are out on the road and we use Skype when the people we want to talk with use Skype. Other than its Voice Over IP (VOIP) capability, we use it text chat feature just as much. And Skype is now on the iPhone, so if you are near a “hotspot” then you can merrily Skype away.

Send Large Files

Don’t you just hate it when someone send you a huge e-mail attachment!? Rather than returning the complement, try using this site to send large files. It’s free for ‘ad hoc’ use.

What is happening??

Find out what is topical and what other people are thinking and doing. Get involved in something!

  • The Boat Shed. In our Top Ten. The location is slap bang on the water near the river mouth. Idyllic location and yummy food.
  • See Restaurant. In our Top Ten. Another magical location – right on Mooloolaba Wharf. Sensational Food.
  • Spirit House. A bit out in the Sticks, but absolutely the best and most expensive Thai Restaurant on the Coast.
  • Harley’s Pizzeria. A sad sad website – but don’t go past this place if you want a takeaway pizza. This is award winning (seriously) gourmet pizza at its best and it’s here on the coast!
  • Mooloolaba Surf Club. The best(?) Surf Club on the Coast. Sat/Sun brekky is the way to go during summer.
  • Raw Energy. We frequent the one on Mooloolaba Esplanade – top location – and all good healthy stuff. The fruit salad for brekky is unbelievable.
  • Excellent Spanish Food here – Ba Vigo Leave room for dessert – they are to die for. Bookings a must.
  • And right next door to Ba Vigo is Yabbies - Another sensational eatery. Bookings a must.

We are done having babies, but if we were to have babies all over again, here is where we would go to prep up for the big gig. Natural Birth – as it says.

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